Protect Your Customers with Secure Payments


Online sales have been growing exponentially. With the rise of online shopping and mobile services, more money is spent digitally than ever before. In fact, a number of experts have predicted the death of cash by 2030.

Perhaps it’s time to assess the risks of a cashless society as we hurtle towards it.

Online security has always been an abiding concern. It seems instances of online fraud and data theft have grown alongside the volume of online transactions. With high-profile attacks on Target and Apple, CIOs at multinational firms are more concerned than ever about the safety of client data. Click here for details….


Integrating eChecks with Processing Platforms

International and US payment processors understand that additional payment options at checkout result in more orders for merchants using the processing platform. The more ways customers have to pay, the more sales are made.

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The US ecommerce market will hit $434 billion in sales within the next 2 years.  Merchants throughout the world want access to US buyers.  And depend upon their payment processors to help acquire more orders from US customers.

How can processors drive more transaction volume while helping their merchants get more sales? By providing the payment options preferred by US buyers. Click here to read full info….


Catering to the Preferences of Online Shoppers


To gain the most from the continued growth of ecommerce, pay attention to what your customers want.

  • Offer multiple methods to pay for goods and services.  Accept as many payment options as possible. Include ACH and card merchant accounts, echecks, mobile payments, e-wallets, and other ways to pay, if your customers use them.
  • Make sure your sites are optimized for viewing on cell phone & tablets.
  • Stay current on social media marketing and use its power to build your brand
  • Offer ways to keep your customers safe from fraud
  • Explore loyalty and rewards programs which encourage customers to visit your site often and to buy more. Click for full info…

How to Choose the Right Payment Processor

Choosing the right payment processing company is vital to the success of your business.

There are no shortage of companies willing to offer you payment services While many promise to be able to get you the processing volume and accounts you need, the reality of the situation is often quite different.


A common scenario is when a company says they can set up your account. Then weeks lead to months and the account is still not approved.

Or, the account is approved. Then canceled quickly because your type of industry is considered high risk. Or you need to process more volume. Or any number of other reasons that end up with you not having the processing power you need to grow your business. This reality become obvious after the you’ve spent time and money in having the merchant account set up. Click here to read full info….